Our love for fashion reflects in our designs! At Kaori, we use local techniques and engage the local artisans to create a platform where they can show their talent! Most importantly, we aim to create a sustainable environment for craft and techniques to flourish!

To do that, our efficient team has successfully embraced natural fibers since inception; we always try to keep our carbon footprint minimal. This is how we try to create something unique and different every day! 

We understand that maintaining the environment is important. That’s why we don’t offer fashion; we offer sustainable fabric fashion.

Sustainable fashion is a trend that you would like to focus on! 

Yes, you heard it right! 

We want to create a world where craft is respected, and the local artisans with in-depth talent are respected. It is possible to produce fashionable clothes without polluting the environment, and our team aims for the same! 

Let’s talk about the textile industry; most of them cause pollution, right? It is an industry well-known for consuming large amounts of energy and natural resources! 

But nowadays, there has been an increased awareness regarding greenhouse emissions, global warming and increasing carbon footprint. At Kaori By Shreya, we always aim to use local techniques to minimize our carbon footprint. We are conscious of the fact that the environment might get harmed because of the presence of uncountable textile industries and the way they produce products. We are not one of them; our fabric designs are not at all harmful to the environment. We create fashion that is environmentally friendly. This is how we stand apart from the crowd.

Sustainable textile production and processing not only support millions of employees in receiving fair salaries and ensuring safe working conditions but also help to prevent harmful environmental effects. 

Sustainable fabric fashion

It is not fashion but sustainable fashion that consumers prefer! 

The consumers know how textile industries run and produce products. They care for the environment too. The development of sustainable textiles and issues like climate change has gained increased attention over the past ten years from textile manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, and customers in general.

 Customers are now demanding textiles that were made ethically as a result. The demand for environment friendly and sustainable textiles are increasing day by day. Today, the majority of garment and textile businesses place the highest priority on sustainability. New sustainable solutions must be investigated to satisfy the rising demand for sustainable textiles.

At Kaori, we understand what our customers want; we care about it. Our sustainable fabric fashion is what you have been looking for so long! Here are some of the benefits of sustainable fabrics that you should know! 

1.They are skin-friendly

Organic farming practices, which discourage the use of fertilizers and pesticides, are used to produce sustainable fabrics. Additionally, it forgoes hazardous chemicals during various stages of manufacturing cloth. Because of this, sustainable materials are healthy for our health and skin.

2. Promotes the sustainability message

Speaking of sustainable materials and their effects, they help spread a social message to their clientele. It highlights how crucial it is to have a sustainable consumer and fashion culture. It also emphasizes how the fashion business affects the environment. As soon as one client chooses sustainable fibres, a chain culture develops.

3. Suitable substitute for synthetic fabric

Synthetic textiles mostly drive the fast fashion industry. It has made significant profits thanks to its inexpensive manufacturing and low labour costs. However, it also contributes to air and water pollution. It also results in piles of unworn clothing. Microplastics are the most hazardous component of synthetic fabrics.

4.Environmentally friendly

Unsustainable clothing increases carbon dioxide emissions, contaminates the environment, and adds plastic to landfills. Chemicals used to dye clothing and defend cotton against pests harm to water, soil, and the atmosphere. Sustainable fabrics can be used to prevent these consequences.

You should try our sustainable fabric fashion! Think about it: you will get a quality fashion sense and always know that what you wear is environment friendly! We have put significant efforts into creating fashion with indigenous regional crafts so that the Indian culture and aesthetics don’t get lost in the modernized sense of fashion. We aim to promote traditional artisans so that they can create exclusive product designs and showcase their talent. We want to create contemporary fashion trends using local technologies that are environment friendly. Our collections will not disappoint you for you, try us and celebrate Indian aesthetics and culture with us.