style yourself with stunning dressing ideas

Style Yourself With Stunning Dressing Ideas

The dressing sense of an individual greatly influences personality. Hence, it is important to choose a proper dress according to your body shape, season, timing and purpose.  If you want to style yourself with stunning dressing ideas, check out these wonderful dresses. 1. Style with jumpsuits Jumpsuits are stylish as well as comfortable to wear and you can wear them easily. You can find them in a variety of lengths, colours and styles. Whether you want to go to parties, lounge around or work, these jumpsuits are one of the best options. According to your requirement, preference and style, you can choose your favourite option. However, jumpsuits can be intimidating; so, if you cannot wear the dress properly, you may look wider or shorter than you really are. To avoid this problem, buy a jumpsuit with a perfect fitting that looks polished, despite having too loose or too tight. If you want to add some more femininity to your look, cinching the jumpsuit at your waist can be a great option. In addition to that, if you have never worn jumpsuits previously, you can add a blazer. As a result, you can feel more comfortable than before.     2. kurta sets These dresses are quite popular and can suit every body type. Additionally, no matter what your body size or shape, you can look beautiful in this dress. Various types of kurta sets are available, such as high-low hemline, long knee-length, and A-line. Hence, you can pick your favourite dress according to your shape. Whether you need prints, sleeve styling, neckline, silhouettes, or cuts, you can buy a dress as per your preference and style yourself with kurta sets. You can buy a set of solid kurtas for a casual outing or office. But kurta sets are not limited to casual wear, you can wear them at festivals, family functions or wedding ceremonies. You can find a large collection of kurta sets within your budget online. For example, you can buy Geometric Handblock Print kurta sets or High next detailing kurta sets with floral print dupattas.   3. Make a different style statement with pant suits If you want to set a different stylish look amidst crowds with some comfortable outfits, then you can try pantsuits. However, you need to know that colour combinations play an important role in this outfit. In this styling department, soft sorbet tones and pastels and mid-tones dominate. On the other hand, you can team up with a top-to-toe look-soft contrasts or tonal, such as pale yellow can be paired up with light grey, and pale pink can be combined with lilacs. With the outfit, though people try to stick to neutral colours, bright colours also look great. In prints, you can choose some geometric prints or floral prints, such as polka dots.  In wearing blazers, you can go with double-breasted jackets or sleeveless vests to style yourself with these beautiful dresses. Besides, you don’t need to wear heavy accessories with this dress. Light golden accessories, fabulous heels and a statement bag can be a great combination for an outing. 4. Wear skirts on any occasion On every occasion, whether it is a wedding or hanging out with friends, skirts can never go wrong. Let’s check some varieties of skirts Bell skirt- This skirt includes a fabric band at the waistline that has been attached to a gathered fabric circle that can flare into a bell shape. Asymmetrical skirt- The skirt features a hemline, longer on one side than another. One side of the skirt is shorter in comparison to the other. A-line skirt- The skirt can fit at your waist as it has a slight flare when it travels to the hem. The silhouette possesses an effect of waist-narrowing. Bustle skirt-They are modern structural garments and this style features multiple tucks and gathers at the back of the skirt for making a voluminous and crinkled shape. Bottom line You can have multiple options to wear for a specific occasion, but choosing a perfect one has to be budget-friendly and matching to the occasion and your vitals. So, if you want to style yourself with such beautiful dressing, check the large collection of Kaoribyshreya at the website- 

5 Ways to Style a Skater Dress for Any Occasion

5 Ways to Style a Skater Dress for Any Occasion

Are you looking for something stylish but comfortable that you can wear to a party or use to go to the office for regular use? Then a beautiful skater dress can be your ideal option! Whether you want to pair it with boots or high heels, this dress can complement comfortably. If you are confused about purchasing a dress, then this blog is going to help you! This blog highlights 5 ways to style a skater dress for any occasion 1. Pairing a skater dress with high heels Are you planning to wear a unique dress to your friend’s wedding or upcoming party? But, if you have a beautiful, gorgeous cocktail skater dress, then you don’t need to buy a new one. You can pair this beautiful cocktail dress with your high heels. You can wear bright-coloured tights or leggings with the dress. Otherwise, if you want a bold, stylish look, then you can keep your legs bare. In addition to that, some lightweight jewellery can complete your look. Now you are ready to go to the wedding party and enjoy it with your friends. Besides, the combination of a skater dress and high heels can be used in various ways. For example, you can have a perfect feminine look by wearing a black, red or maroon skater dress. You can pair it with peep-toe or snakeskin heels. This combination is so attractive that you don’t need to wear heavy accessories. Just a cute handbag and some bracelets can complete your look. Only, if it is cold weather, you can carry a sweater or cardigan to this beautiful attire. 2. Make a simple, but bold look with your skater dress While discussing 5 ways to style a skater dress for any occasion, a black-white combination can be an ideal way. Though you are creative in colours to make your look more attractive, sometimes, a combination of black and white can change your mood. For this, you can wear a plain outfit with a white skater dress. Small earrings, a shoulder, black shoes, leather purse with this dress can complete your getup. Besides, you can reverse the colour of your dress, for example, white shoes or heel boots and a black dress. If you want to wear this outfit in winter, you can add a pull-up sweater on top of it to make you comfortable. 3.Pairing a skater outfit with loafer mules and a denim jacket or tights No matter what the occasion or what the season is, a denim jacket can never go wrong. The same rule can be applied to your skater dress. Now pick the floral dress out of the wardrobe and take loafer mules of light colour. To make a perfect stylish look, just throw a blue denim jacket over the shoulders-now it is the perfect look for a day out! Now, be ready to grab the attention of others amidst the crowd. On the other hand, in the context of 5 ways to style a skater dress for any occasion, you can set your look for the outing with a skater dress and tights. The mini skater dresses with floral prints with black tights. Wear knee-length boots with this beautiful outfit to make your look a perfect one. Whether you want to dance to the rhythm of a song or spend hours comfortably with your friends-this outfit can fit you the best! 4. Wearing a black skater outfit No matter what the occasion or season is, a black skater dress can never disappoint you. You must have found that celebrities cannot avoid the urge of having a bold look with a black dress. Though it gives you a casual look, in most cases, no other colour can beat the smartness of this casual look.  But why should celebrities enjoy beauty? You can easily recreate the look as well. For this purpose, pair your black long-sleeved skater dress with black sunglasses and leopard-printed pumps. Now does your look seem similar to the look of your favourite celebrity? Besides this, you can choose boots with a black skater dress to bring an appealing look. The ankle-length black boots and black jacket can definitely give you a unique look. Long earrings or tops, clutch or small handbag can act as ideal accessories and give you a savage vibe. 5.Have a stylish look in summer with a floral skater dress   Apart from the cold season, you can enjoy wearing a skater dress in summer also. For the warm season, you can choose a cold shoulder dress as well as pair the dress with stylish black tights. Just a pair of cute tops and a wristwatch can complement your look. Now, you are perfectly ready for your daily look for grocery shopping. However, in summer, rough days can be hectic; it is quite common to face the challenges of tough working schedules with uncomfortable outfits. But, you don’t need to worry about savage-looking outfits with a mini skater dress and defeat all the hurdles. In this regard, you can team this floral-printed skater with ankle shoes. In addition to that, you can carry a small-sized bag as per your comfort. To bring a colour of hope and happiness, you can wear a pair of statement hoop earrings. Final thoughts These 5 ways to style a skater dress for any occasion can guide you to make a perfect look. If you want to buy a skater dress, you can order online from the website.

We don’t offer fashion only; we offer sustainable fabric fashion! Visit Kaori By Shreya to know more!

We don’t offer fashion only; we offer sustainable fabric fashion! Visit Kaori By Shreya to know more!

Our love for fashion reflects in our designs! At Kaori, we use local techniques and engage the local artisans to create a platform where they can show their talent! Most importantly, we aim to create a sustainable environment for craft and techniques to flourish! To do that, our efficient team has successfully embraced natural fibers since inception; we always try to keep our carbon footprint minimal. This is how we try to create something unique and different every day!  We understand that maintaining the environment is important. That’s why we don’t offer fashion; we offer sustainable fabric fashion. Sustainable fashion is a trend that you would like to focus on!  Yes, you heard it right!  We want to create a world where craft is respected, and the local artisans with in-depth talent are respected. It is possible to produce fashionable clothes without polluting the environment, and our team aims for the same!  Let’s talk about the textile industry; most of them cause pollution, right? It is an industry well-known for consuming large amounts of energy and natural resources!  But nowadays, there has been an increased awareness regarding greenhouse emissions, global warming and increasing carbon footprint. At Kaori By Shreya, we always aim to use local techniques to minimize our carbon footprint. We are conscious of the fact that the environment might get harmed because of the presence of uncountable textile industries and the way they produce products. We are not one of them; our fabric designs are not at all harmful to the environment. We create fashion that is environmentally friendly. This is how we stand apart from the crowd. Sustainable textile production and processing not only support millions of employees in receiving fair salaries and ensuring safe working conditions but also help to prevent harmful environmental effects.  It is not fashion but sustainable fashion that consumers prefer!  The consumers know how textile industries run and produce products. They care for the environment too. The development of sustainable textiles and issues like climate change has gained increased attention over the past ten years from textile manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, and customers in general.  Customers are now demanding textiles that were made ethically as a result. The demand for environment friendly and sustainable textiles are increasing day by day. Today, the majority of garment and textile businesses place the highest priority on sustainability. New sustainable solutions must be investigated to satisfy the rising demand for sustainable textiles. At Kaori, we understand what our customers want; we care about it. Our sustainable fabric fashion is what you have been looking for so long! Here are some of the benefits of sustainable fabrics that you should know!  1.They are skin-friendly Organic farming practices, which discourage the use of fertilizers and pesticides, are used to produce sustainable fabrics. Additionally, it forgoes hazardous chemicals during various stages of manufacturing cloth. Because of this, sustainable materials are healthy for our health and skin. 2. Promotes the sustainability message Speaking of sustainable materials and their effects, they help spread a social message to their clientele. It highlights how crucial it is to have a sustainable consumer and fashion culture. It also emphasizes how the fashion business affects the environment. As soon as one client chooses sustainable fibres, a chain culture develops. 3. Suitable substitute for synthetic fabric Synthetic textiles mostly drive the fast fashion industry. It has made significant profits thanks to its inexpensive manufacturing and low labour costs. However, it also contributes to air and water pollution. It also results in piles of unworn clothing. Microplastics are the most hazardous component of synthetic fabrics. 4.Environmentally friendly Unsustainable clothing increases carbon dioxide emissions, contaminates the environment, and adds plastic to landfills. Chemicals used to dye clothing and defend cotton against pests harm to water, soil, and the atmosphere. Sustainable fabrics can be used to prevent these consequences. You should try our sustainable fabric fashion! Think about it: you will get a quality fashion sense and always know that what you wear is environment friendly! We have put significant efforts into creating fashion with indigenous regional crafts so that the Indian culture and aesthetics don’t get lost in the modernized sense of fashion. We aim to promote traditional artisans so that they can create exclusive product designs and showcase their talent. We want to create contemporary fashion trends using local technologies that are environment friendly. Our collections will not disappoint you for you, try us and celebrate Indian aesthetics and culture with us.  

kaftan suits

3 Types Of Kaftan Suits Ideal For Any Event

The kaftan has unquestionably become a favorite in everyone's wardrobe this season. It has not only established itself as a mainstay for relaxing hours spent at home, but it has also established a position for itself outside. It may quickly go from a loungewear piece to a party outfit. The comfortable item is no longer simply for at-home or beachwear. The laid-back song achieves the ideal blend between edgy and simple now that our celebrations are limited to close friends and family. A kaftan suit is effortless; the one-piece outfit is light as a feather and can make you stand out. The best part is that a Kaftan allows you to express your style because it comes in anything from funny designs to muted tones. The loose yet fashionable silhouette is a must-have item that is adaptable, simple, and breezy all at once. If you want to play it down, add a set of delicate earrings and some revealing flats. If you want to glam it up for an evening party, add matching accessories and a pair of shoes with a square shape. If you don't want your clothing to make you feel exhausted, this is your cue to buy in kaftans that are casual this season. Since the lockdown started in early 2020, the simple silhouette has become a celebrity favorite, and they are still drawn to it for stylistic reasons. When they want to remain both comfortable and fashionable, they all turn to trendy garments, from Kareena Kapoor's off-duty kaftan style to Alia Bhatt's shoot day appearance. Look through various light kaftan suits that are ideal for all the events you have scheduled: 1.Dramatic and fuss-free holiday picks The perfect kaftan to wear for a birthday lunch or a little gathering at home features striking designs and vibrant hues. The casual clothing avoids drawing attention to its airy materials and edgy designs, which provide just the perfect amount of color to them. Influencers have started to favor the shape, and there is no reason we shouldn't choose this always-in-style fit. The adaptable piece may express one's style with the appropriate accessories. Any Kaftan will look great with a big ring and delicate earrings. 2. Lightweight Kaftans to Combat the Heat About to venture outside in the sunshine? Look to spacious kaftans, which may keep you both comfortable and stylish simultaneously. Because they can check all the boxes on your checklist, the remarkable items won't go away soon. It contains everything you require to be comfy. For all those days when you don't feel like putting much effort into your appearance yet want to seem decent, the breezy kurta kaftan is the ideal complement to your wardrobe. It will attract attention when worn with tan flats and a neat bun. 3. Spacious Kaftans For Lounging  There isn't a single reason why a roomy kaftan can't serve as your at-home attire. The outfit is the most practical item you'll wear this year. It is a versatile piece that merits all the praise it has recently received, whether for comfort or elegance. What else? Since the one-piece is a fashion statement, you don't need to worry about how to combine it. A pair of jeans won't hurt you, though, if you still want to add that extra edge. The uncomplicated outfit is ideal for days when you want to read a book with your right hand and drink coffee with your left. How Can One Style Kaftan In Different Ways? By the Beach It is currently one of the most common ways to wear a kaftan. Use it as a coverup at the beach to elevate your beach attire immediately. If you want to decorate your swimsuit or bikini, a kaftan is a great choice because it is made from a light, airy fabric. Not to mention that it shields you from the UV rays of the sun as well.   You may wear it and be certain you will stay cool when soaking your feet in the sand because it is not a fitted garment. For women who are a little self-conscious about their bodies in swimwear, a kaftan will make them feel beautiful while keeping them cool and exposing as much flesh as they are comfortable with.   You'll be prepared for the beach if you match it with a chic pair of sandals and your designer sunglasses. Put on a belt to give your beachwear additional flair, and you're done! To keep your body cool (natural textiles "breathe"), pick a kaftan made of a natural material like organic cotton. For Formal/Casual Occasions Kaftans are flattering on virtually all women, regardless of their size or shape, and they may assist you in covering anybody areas you don't want to draw attention to. For instance, a kaftan with long sleeves and a low V-neck may give a woman a larger chest with an exceptionally attractive image. If you like a bohemian style, throw on a pair of flat shoes, add a soft shoulder bag, and a pair of big, fashionable sunglasses, and you've got the ensemble you wanted! Wear it on weekends at casual summer parties or when you head to the beach.   Choose a more fitting pattern and a piece made of silk or another opulent fabric to dress up your kaftan and make it more acceptable for formal events. Consider a kaftan with layers of translucent fabric for more attraction. Add some jewelry to make it more formal by dressing it up. Your attire will feel more luxurious and make a stunning statement if you wear jewel-encrusted heeled sandals. Tips Wear a matching scarf and head wrap with your colorful kaftan (or even a straw hat!), which has lovely safari/West African motifs. A broad leather belt may draw your kaftan in, emphasizing your slim waist. Over shorts, a kaftan top made of silk or cotton looks great.  Kaftans are incredibly comfy and loose-fitting, which is why they are also the perfect sleepwear and loungewear. Top it off with beads and obtain the ideal casual summer appearance. Choose a design you prefer, and ensure the fabric is natural to keep your body cool even on hot days.  

floral printed anarkali suit

From Floral Anarkali to Fashionable Trousers, Get Everything With Kaori By Shreya!

Fashion changes over time. It isn't easy to be in the trend as new trends are emerging daily!  Well, at Kaori By Shreya, we don’t believe in following the trends; we all believe in creating fashion that can express what you stand for! We don’t follow trends; we create trends, and that’s why we are different from others. We use local techniques as we feel the local techniques are artistic enough but somehow don’t be appreciated by the modern fashion market.  We engage local artisans and utilize their creativity and knowledge while creating fashionable clothes for you. See our exclusive collections of floral anarkali to shop from the best!      We want to create an opportunity for the local artisans to have a scope to show their talent, creative ideas, and immense knowledge. We get inspired by innovative craft-based techniques that could be used in fashion! Did you check out our collection of floral cotton anarkali suit?  No?  Well, you must! Visit us and explore our collections right away! You must see our immense love for fashion reflected through the clothes we have created just for you!  We stand out from the crowd!  Yes, we are unique. The way we perceive fashion is different from others. Since its inception, we have embraced natural fibers and always try to keep the carbon footprint minimal.  We believe in creativity. Our products are only marketable when they reach the highest creativity ladder.  We always strive to create something unique. Our team experiments with Indian weaves and a plethora of rich embroideries. We try to experiment with different texturing techniques as well. All we want is to envisage a world where craft is respected!  We think the art and local artisans who are making lots of effort to make their work ‘art’ should be respected equally. We aim to do that only! You can contribute to this creative journey too!   Wondering how? Go through our collections, and if you like them, purchase from us! Each purchase is a way of showing appreciation and recognition of our continuous labor! Whether it is a unique floral pants suit you are searching for or kurta sets you need for your cousin’s wedding next month, we have everything!  Our exclusive collections!  To all fashion enthusiasts, isn’t change and experimentation constant elements in the world of creativity?  We love to experiment with clothes!  One day you will see a specific shade of red lipstick is in the trend, the next day, it may change! It is the same with clothes.The world of creativity is quite uncertain; there is no ‘ideal type’ when we talk about fashion or fashionable clothes. What is your fashion? It completely depends on your choice and taste; no one can come to you and tell you that your fashion sense is traditional or you don’t know fashion! Fashion does not make us; we make fashion, right?  One day you will see a specific shade of red lipstick is in the trend, the next day, it may change! It is the same with clothes.The world of creativity is quite uncertain; there is no ‘ideal type’ when we talk about fashion or fashionable clothes. What is your fashion? It completely depends on your choice and taste; no one can come to you and tell you that your fashion sense is traditional or you don’t know fashion! Fashion does not make us; we make fashion, right?  So please create your own fashion with our exclusive collection!  Visit our website and go through specifically the ‘shop’ section.  What did you see? Lots of clothing options, right? You can go through all the varieties of clothes and choose what suits you the most.  We always try to offer our customers the most creative and artistic clothes. We understand that we are different; our thoughts and choices are different too! That’s why we try to put various clothing types and have successfully introduced variations in style in each type of clothing. For example, going through our Akira collections, you will find various pant suits. From floral pant suit to black beauty Katha, you will get a lot of variety with us! Try us to get the best!      Talking about our collections, we offer kurtas, suits, shorts, trousers, pant suits, shirts or tops, dresses, and the list goes on! There are many varieties that we have to offer you! They create clothes professionally, but there is always a personal touch that we like to add while working on our clothes.   Clothes are not just garments you choose to wear; somewhere, your clothes talk about your personality and yourself. We always put complete attention to detailed craftsmanship so that clothes designed by us can empower you to express yourself better. Most importantly, our clothes are affordable; we value your money and understand that making money takes a lot of effort. Reach out to us and try our unique wearings at an affordable cost!   

Co Ord Suit Sets

How Co-Ord Sets Can Go For Any and Every Occasion

Introducing co-ord sets, the quick fix for our matching-clothes dilemma. When you realise this phrase's versatility, you should learn it and add it to your vocabulary of fashion terms. Co Ord Suit Sets, which gets its name from the word coordinates, refers to a matching pair of top and bottom in terms of fashion. The two are the same, whether in a block colour or prints.      The style cannot be categorised as new because it has been around for a long and has become quite popular with celebrities like the Kardashians and fashion bloggers. Although the matching trend gained popularity in the 1970s, it has recently been reimagined in design, colour, patterns, and cuts. They may be worn with trousers, blazers, midi-skirts, and other items in addition to the classic mini-skirt and top. The numerous advantages of the two-piece style are a reason for its appeal. It eliminates your fashion problem of what to wear and reduces the time it takes to get dressed in half, as was already discussed. There is no need to spend additional time or effort styling the ensemble because the pieces are already paired. Secondly, buying them as a set saves you money because you can mix and match the top and bottom pieces to create different styles. It sounds like the realisation of a dream. Save yourself the trouble of making your clothing arrangements. There is a set that fits every situation, regardless of the time of day, season, or day of the week! With an edgy Co Ord Top And Pants that will take you places this season, you may make your vacation plans even more thrilling. If you plan a vacation, don't go beyond these stunning options that never skimp on comfort. Although maintaining your composure amid the rush and bustle of security checks may be more crucial, we know that airport looks have become a thing. The solution is that Co Ord Suit Sets has some tricks up its sleeve to keep all your needs intact, so you don't have to pick between comfort and style or vice versa.     Co Ord Top And Pants ethnic is not only casual and stylish, but they are also adaptable enough for you to get off the aircraft, enter the mindset of a traveller, and start your voyage of visiting the location. Let's look at everything you need to put in your holiday shopping basket. See below:  What could be better than shining with pleasure and brightness in a yellow dress? Yellow is the colour for you if you have a knack for a vibrant colour scheme. The best approach to travel this season is to invest in a vibrant yellow piece, which is reigning supreme this year. Make way for the coordinated outfits that will transport you in style from the airport to your destination this season. We are undoubtedly not sad about the proliferation of trends in just-co-ords. If you enjoy comfort with a dash of edge, all you need to do is add these Pants Co Ord Set to your basket. Get shopping and put the stylish essentials together with a pair of flats and big gold earrings for a winning style this season.  If we successfully persuaded you to purchase these vacation-ready essentials, we would be overjoyed to see you donning these stunning pieces. How may these positive parts be combined? These Co Ord Suit Sets for women may be used for various occasions, from a warm day to a romantic night. Invest in a pendant necklace and delicate earrings for a nighttime function you have scheduled. Gold earrings are the perfect item to put in your shopping cart if you're hosting a dinner party. Wear matching sets with dangler earrings or even big gold hoops if you prefer to give your everyday outfit a little edge.    Figuring out what we will wear usually takes more time than getting ready. The magic outfit that saves everyone from this problem is coordinate sets! Introduced in the fashion industry in the late 60s, coordinate sets will dominate the fashion trends in 2021.   Though they used to be minimalist then, we at Kaori By Shreya go beyond the quintessential, adding a touch of eccentricity & quirkiness to every outfit! The right co ords can give your wardrobe a touch of comfort, style and sophistication. Moreover, coordinate sets are complete outfits on their own and do not require you to take effort into styling them. You only need to put on the outfit and a few sparse accessories to be ready to go.     They Offer Excellent Value For The Money; How Can We Ignore That? There are unlimited ways to style a coordinate set. One can wear them as is or use the top and bottom pieces separately to create their own custom outfits. Investing in nice Co Ord Suit Sets might be the best option if you are not a huge fan of repeating outfits. Use the bottom pants with a T-shirt, shirt or spaghetti top to create your outfit. You can experiment with the top by pairing it with a skirt, jeans or quirky palazzo pants to get the full value for your money.   Now that you know why a coordinate set is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe, do not forget to check out the incredible collection of co ords from Kaori by Shreya Agarwal! You'll be able to find something to suit your needs and fashion preferences. This holiday season, did you find everything you were looking for? There is, however, more to it. To find all the holiday staples that will rule your wardrobe, visit The Kaori by Shreya website. Discover styles always ready to up the ante, come what may. Shop away!