Co-Ord Suit Sets For the Eco-Conscious

As a woman, we are confident that you are well aware of the effort and time required to choose what to wear. Choosing which pieces to pair together for a particular occasion or just a typical day takes more time than really getting ready. In this regard, co-ord suit sets are one of the favourite options for women to make sustainable fashion choices.


co ord suit sets

  • A great combination of sophistication  and ease

The perfect co-ord set will add a touch of ease, style, and sophistication to your outfit, making it an urban classic. And the reasons "why you should invest in co-ord sets" don't end here. How can we overlook the excellent value of these sets! Of course, you may wear things as-is, but the real appeal of a co-ord pair is how many distinct ensembles you can put together by styling the top and bottom individually. For example, at Kaori, you can get Floral Back Tie up Olive Green Shirt Pants, Burnt Orange Ajrakh Top with Black Kantha Shoulder Tie and Pants, Geometric Lava Red Pant Suit Set and others that can give you a comfortable and sophisticated look.

  • A unique stylish look

 A coordinate set can be styled in so many different ways. They can be worn as-is or the top and bottom pieces can be worn separately to make one's own unique costumes. A lovely co-ord set can be the perfect choice for you if you don't like wearing the same outfit twice. You can create your unique outfit by pairing the bottom slacks with a t-shirt, shirt, or spaghetti top. However, before making the final purchase, you need to check through the updated co-ords edit. It can help you to discover something that fits your demands and style now that you know why you should invest in co-ords.

  • Cost-effective dress

 To get the most bang for your buck, wear the top with whatever you like—a skirt, jeans, or a funky pair of palazzo trousers. Therefore, if you don't like wearing the same thing over and over, you can just make your own without spending any extra money. On the other hand, if your goal is not to look nice while still making wise financial decisions, co-ord suit sets are going to be ideal. For example, you can try a pink suit co-ord with a Sun Kissed Coral Silver Lining Top with Ombre Pant Set from Kaori.

  • Appropriate for every occasion

Co-ord suit can be a good option to make sustainable fashion choices as casual wear for a day out. For example, if you want to try white co-ord pants set, a Pearled ivory back tie-up shirt with a pants set from Kaori can be a good choice for you. You can pair this set with simple jewellery and footwear to have a great look. The dress allows any occasion to define what you take along with the awesome dress.


co ord suit sets



Besides, a holiday can be off the event for the moment, however, it is better to be prepared for at least a few days ago. For this purpose, you can try a sustainable choice of co-ord dress set. You can add a sleek bun and oversized hoops can set a unique look. The overall dress can set a comfortable and trendy look for the journey throughout the day-out. Besides, a classy, sustainable co-ord set can be a perfect choice for the beach. This dress can be a mood change if you do not want to wear the boring Kaftan and sarong cover-ups. You can wear a summer georgette yellow floral wrap tie-up top with off-white Chinon pants from Kaori and pair it with tassel ornaments.

Bottom line

Co-ords are back in style and in a big way to save you from this daily dilemma! As you know, women adored co-ords and they were a significant trend in the 1970s. The sets were rather conventional at the time, though, and little consideration had been paid to them. But at Kaori, we go beyond the conventional and infuse every design with a dash of eccentricity and weirdness! If you want to order beautiful co-ord suit sets, check the given website link-

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