As a part of the fashion industry we are very aware of the detrimental effects of fast fashion on our planet. Hence we very consciously made a choice to be a 'slow fashion' brand.

Slow fashion is the widespread reaction to fast fashion the argument for hitting the brakes on excessive production, overcomplicated supply chains, and mindless consumption. We advocate for manufacturing that respects people, the environment and animals.

We are aware that its a journey to get to 100% sustainability but we are on track to someday achieving just that. Ways in which we stay true to ethic are:

A choice that came very naturally to us is to continue to only use natural fibers in our garments. These materials are biodegradable and hence healthier for the ecosystem. We have pledged never to use polyesters and other non bio-degradable materials which affect the environment as a whole on multiple levels.

We only produce small batches every year. We completely disregard over-production which causes over-utilization of environmental resources. Our pieces are made to order and are crafted very carefully by our team.

Another proactive decision we made early on was deciding to have all our raw material procurement, dyers, artisans etc in a 5km vicinity from our production house. This helps in avoiding wastage of resources in mere collection of materials in the first stage of the production.