Fashion is something that cannot be stagnant ever; it changes according to the tastes, preferences, cultures and lifestyles of people. Though from ancient times dressing styles have evolved thousands of times, some dresses are so unique that can set a "timeless beauty". Anarkali suits are one such dress that came in the Mughal era but is still dominating Indian fashion with its own style and grace. An Anarkali suit with dupatta can still grab the attention of the crowd without the help of other accessories. Let's have a quick tour of how this timeless classic has come back with its beauty and is accustomed to comfortable fabrics.


Anarkali suit with dupatta
  •  Comfortable Anarkali dress

An Anarkali suit with dupatta is an ideal choice specifically for special occasions, rather than daily wear. Women, as well as girls, find the dress suitable for wearing since you don't need to bear any hassle. Besides, working women like this dress better the style quotient. It can closely mimic the formal look, specifically the ones with long coats, jackets and collars.

Such suits come in different styles and patterns and they are suitable for every occasion. You can find these outfits and they start from heavily to simply designed ones for special occasions such as weddings, social events and festivals. You can have these dresses available in different fabrics such as brocades, silk, georgette, chiffon or other materials that have made the dresses suitable for different styles and tastes. If you want to buy such a nice dress, you can check out the latest collection of Kaori by Shreya. 

  • Perfect dress for all ages and any type of body shape

Are you getting tense about wearing a beautiful dress due to the current weight put on? Well, don’t be worried. The Anarkali suit patterns have become perfect outfits for customers, having different body sizes and shapes. It can accentuate both slim women's curves as well as help to hide the extra flab of their body and look in perfect shape. Hence, if you are one of those plus-sized women who want to get rid of the fear of looking unattractive, you can easily wear this dress. Specifically, for tall women, sporting the floor-length floral Anarkali can look attractive. The outfit is the perfect attire that can complement your height and make you feel trendy.

  • Wear a dress in less time

In the current westernised India, career-oriented women feel reluctant to drape a saree due to lack of sufficient time. They generally prefer dresses that you can wear in a short span. Hence, if you are planning to attend a party after returning from an office, then an Anarkali dress suit can be a correct choice among other attire, worn in festivals. These dresses are so flexible that even a middle-aged woman can wear them and set an elegant look. It can let the wearer work as well as move freely without facing the hassles of managing pleats or pallu, unlike wearing a saree.

  • Playing with floral prints

Floral prints are one of the favourite prints to hand-print a fabric stretch with different tessellated designs. When a long silhouette of Anarkali is added to this mix, you are going to feel quite breezy, with a beautifully printed floral cotton Anarkali suit.

  • A perfect touch of royalty

The Anarkali suit style has been inspired by the outfits used by the Mughal Era. The grace and beauty of the outfits have returned from that Era with some modern modifications and the same elegance. Hence, it can be said that Anarkali dress suits are perfect examples of timeless classics. When a lady wears this dress, she can deeply feel the grace and royal connection associated with it.


An Anarkali suit with dupatta


As the previous versions of these outfits were full of silver and gold work, you can find the same attractive prints and designs in our recent collection. Kaori by Shreya has brought an exclusive collection of Anarkali dresses that are full of colourful styles and options for you. Our floral Anarkali suits can give the wardrobe a new makeover that will surely astonish others. The experienced, trained and talented designers have contributed to making these dresses with their full potential.


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