3 Types Of Kaftan Suits Ideal For Any Event

The kaftan has unquestionably become a favorite in everyone's wardrobe this season. It has not only established itself as a mainstay for relaxing hours spent at home, but it has also established a position for itself outside. It may quickly go from a loungewear piece to a party outfit. The comfortable item is no longer simply for at-home or beachwear. The laid-back song achieves the ideal blend between edgy and simple now that our celebrations are limited to close friends and family. A kaftan suit is effortless; the one-piece outfit is light as a feather and can make you stand out.

kaftan suit

The best part is that a Kaftan allows you to express your style because it comes in anything from funny designs to muted tones. The loose yet fashionable silhouette is a must-have item that is adaptable, simple, and breezy all at once. If you want to play it down, add a set of delicate earrings and some revealing flats. If you want to glam it up for an evening party, add matching accessories and a pair of shoes with a square shape. If you don't want your clothing to make you feel exhausted, this is your cue to buy in kaftans that are casual this season.

Since the lockdown started in early 2020, the simple silhouette has become a celebrity favorite, and they are still drawn to it for stylistic reasons. When they want to remain both comfortable and fashionable, they all turn to trendy garments, from Kareena Kapoor's off-duty kaftan style to Alia Bhatt's shoot day appearance.

Look through various light kaftan suits that are ideal for all the events you have scheduled:

1.Dramatic and fuss-free holiday picks

The perfect kaftan to wear for a birthday lunch or a little gathering at home features striking designs and vibrant hues. The casual clothing avoids drawing attention to its airy materials and edgy designs, which provide just the perfect amount of color to them. Influencers have started to favor the shape, and there is no reason we shouldn't choose this always-in-style fit. The adaptable piece may express one's style with the appropriate accessories. Any Kaftan will look great with a big ring and delicate earrings.

2. Lightweight Kaftans to Combat the Heat

About to venture outside in the sunshine? Look to spacious kaftans, which may keep you both comfortable and stylish simultaneously. Because they can check all the boxes on your checklist, the remarkable items won't go away soon. It contains everything you require to be comfy. For all those days when you don't feel like putting much effort into your appearance yet want to seem decent, the breezy kurta kaftan is the ideal complement to your wardrobe. It will attract attention when worn with tan flats and a neat bun.

kaftan suit

3. Spacious Kaftans For Lounging 

There isn't a single reason why a roomy kaftan can't serve as your at-home attire. The outfit is the most practical item you'll wear this year. It is a versatile piece that merits all the praise it has recently received, whether for comfort or elegance. What else? Since the one-piece is a fashion statement, you don't need to worry about how to combine it. A pair of jeans won't hurt you, though, if you still want to add that extra edge. The uncomplicated outfit is ideal for days when you want to read a book with your right hand and drink coffee with your left.

How Can One Style Kaftan In Different Ways?

  • By the Beach

It is currently one of the most common ways to wear a kaftan. Use it as a coverup at the beach to elevate your beach attire immediately. If you want to decorate your swimsuit or bikini, a kaftan is a great choice because it is made from a light, airy fabric. Not to mention that it shields you from the UV rays of the sun as well.


You may wear it and be certain you will stay cool when soaking your feet in the sand because it is not a fitted garment. For women who are a little self-conscious about their bodies in swimwear, a kaftan will make them feel beautiful while keeping them cool and exposing as much flesh as they are comfortable with.


You'll be prepared for the beach if you match it with a chic pair of sandals and your designer sunglasses. Put on a belt to give your beachwear additional flair, and you're done!

To keep your body cool (natural textiles "breathe"), pick a kaftan made of a natural material like organic cotton.

  • For Formal/Casual Occasions

Kaftans are flattering on virtually all women, regardless of their size or shape, and they may assist you in covering anybody areas you don't want to draw attention to. For instance, a kaftan with long sleeves and a low V-neck may give a woman a larger chest with an exceptionally attractive image.

If you like a bohemian style, throw on a pair of flat shoes, add a soft shoulder bag, and a pair of big, fashionable sunglasses, and you've got the ensemble you wanted! Wear it on weekends at casual summer parties or when you head to the beach.


Choose a more fitting pattern and a piece made of silk or another opulent fabric to dress up your kaftan and make it more acceptable for formal events. Consider a kaftan with layers of translucent fabric for more attraction. Add some jewelry to make it more formal by dressing it up. Your attire will feel more luxurious and make a stunning statement if you wear jewel-encrusted heeled sandals.


  • Wear a matching scarf and head wrap with your colorful kaftan (or even a straw hat!), which has lovely safari/West African motifs.
  • A broad leather belt may draw your kaftan in, emphasizing your slim waist.
  • Over shorts, a kaftan top made of silk or cotton looks great. 
  • Kaftans are incredibly comfy and loose-fitting, which is why they are also the perfect sleepwear and loungewear. Top it off with beads and obtain the ideal casual summer appearance. Choose a design you prefer, and ensure the fabric is natural to keep your body cool even on hot days.
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